Do not frown all your life, there should be no incisor in the world. We must make friends with those who have the way, and never make friends without justice. Drink quiet tea, not wine. Open the door of convenience, free the right and wrong. Many doors lead to wind and many words lead to misfortune. Busy as water, don't worry about fame and wealth. You can't be too rich or too rich. "I want" is a sign of poverty. Things can always be sufficient, the heart is always comfortable, people do not want to high-quality goods. To be evil in life is to be good at talking about people's lives; to be foolish in life is to smell yourself. Do not do evil, do good, do not do good with small, do not do evil with small. Don't be envious of his long, envious of his long, then he is short. Don't protect yourself short. If you protect yourself short, you will not be long. You don't have to be the same or different from the common. It doesn't have to be pleasant or detestable to do things. There are two things we can't wait for: first, filial piety. 2、 Do good. With equality and convenience, there is nothing in the world. If you are compassionate and do compassionate things, your heart will be peaceful. If the mind is small, there will be more troubles. If the mind is large, there will be plenty of wisdom. There's nothing to hide from people in my life. It's a big speed. "Evil" is a great evil. "Good" is not true and good. It's a good thing to support the crisis. If you don't boast, you will be virtuous! In the face of prosperity, in the indifferent, in the face of adversity, in the calm. There are right and wrong every day, not listening to nature. Facial stimulation is not real enjoyment.